MOLY in Touch with Nature

Herbs  gardens spread across all corners of the world, filled with herbs containing beneficial attributes for the human mind and body.  

MOLY’s  herbs ‘creations’ derive from our knowledge and respect for all botanical gifts of nature and the miraculous effects they bring on human wellbeing.

Our  herbs creations are filled with premium quality herbs, hand picked and selected from the Greek mountains and other far corners of the world, mixed together in perfect harmony and balance, creating a unique “mythical” herbal tea line of products, bringing nature into a cup (or two) for you to enjoy!

Each sacket of premium quality herbal tea is filled with a balanced mixture of well known  herbs containing a plethora of minerals, metals and eclectic aromas.
You can join the MOLY family and many other herbal tea enthusiasts around the globe in a mythical journey, filled with 8 different flavors, and enjoy a taste of the unique blend of beneficial effects with every sip you take!

Have a sip of Nature, in your favorite flavor,
anytime throughout your day!

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