How MOLY is drunk

• How can I prepare MOLY tea the best way possible?

The ideal way to prepare your drink is with the method of infusion. Place a tea bag in a big cup, or mug, which you have chosen based on its effect and/or taste.

Add plenty of water (from 90 °C and above) in order for the tea to release both its aromas and its beneficial properties.

Wait at least FOUR minutes - enough time to allow you to perfectly your MOLY.
But you can leave it for as long as you wish - there in no chance it will taste bitter.

When it comes to reusing the same bag twice, it is exclusively up to you.

Our sole purpose is the human and we would be more than happy that you discovered it yourself.

• Is it okay to cold-brew MOLY herbal tea?

This is the ideal solution for the hot months of the year, for those of you that prefer your tea cold!

There are TWO possible methods of preparation of a cold MOLY.

Method 1 uses the same process as for the hot beverage and continues by cooling your drink down with ice cubes or by putting it in the refrigerator after the temperature has dropped.

Method 2 is the cold brew method: Place the tea bag in a mug with water at room temperature. Put it in the fridge for 10-12 hours. Our suggestion is to leave it in the fridge overnight right before bedtime so that you can enjoy it in the morning.

• What is the leftover tea in my cup?

They are leftovers/dregs from herbs that the filter failed to hold. These are harmless and you can consume them without hesitation.