Product Characteristics

  • MOLY’s innovation and its beneficial attributes for the human body and mind

Our idea was to bring nature closer to you.

The beneficial properties of herbs offer you multiple benefits.  
MOLY products aim-through a journey of flavors - to activate feelings of calm, protection, strength and empowerment as well as give your body a boost

  • The challenge of activating the senses and MOLY’s innovation

It is well known that humans benefit from the active ingredients of herbs.
We sought out and found an innovative way to maximize the overall benefits of preparing and drinking herbal infusions, by activating all FIVE senses during interaction with MOLY drinks.

We found the way, and we share it with you.
We welcome you join us on a unique and enjoyable journey of activating all your senses while drinking MOLY herbal infusions.

Enjoy the experince!

  • Packaging: unique addition to the total experience of activating all FIVE senses

MOLY’s infusions create new data and introduce a new way for herbal tea enthusiasts to enjoy herbal drinks.

We have created a pioneering, innovative, natural bio packaging.  We have replaced the classic string, that is usually attached to all tea bags, with the stem of Mt Olympus’s mountain tea. The whole flower and the stem of Olympus mountain tea are used in our herbal mixtures, offering the flavor of this eternal herb as the basis of all our herbal infusions.  In this way, during the process of infusion a bond between humans and each sachet of our herds is formed as you prepare to taste.

  • MOLY’s innovation goal

The reasoning behind our innovation idea is to bring you closer to nature and allow you - with every cup of MOLY - to experience and stay in touch with nature, by experiencing the benefits of  herbs for the human body and mind.

We have achieved this by enabling a full involvement of all FIVE senses during the preparation and drinking phases of MOLY herbal teas.

The  herbal mixtures are prepared with specially developed recipes designed exclusively for MOLY by our collaborator, Botanist Dr. Manos.
Pure adaptive herbs are selected and used in each of the 8 MOLY herbal tea products, each one containing beneficial properties for the human body and mind.

All our herbal mixtures are hand packed with precision and consistency.
The sachets are individually prepared and filled with premium quality organic herbs, always in the appropriate compositions and proportions.
They are prepared with absolute respect for both the environment and the consumer.

  • A unique journey, of total enjoyment for all!

For those who already love herbal drinks, as well as for those who want to taste a new experience, MOLY invites you on its journey of unique beneficial pleasures, full of combinations of well-known Greek herbs, and herbs from all over the world. Each one of the EIGHT types of drinks that you will taste consists of a different composition of herbs. During the preparation of your drink, all the colors of the herbs are visible, and combine together to form different colors of the rainbow, all in your cup or mug.

A mythical journey of pleasures begins in your mug. With every sip you take all your senses are awakened and beneficial properties embrace your body and mind.

  • Result - Beneficial properties that awaken all FIVE Senses

We offer a series of herbal tea products that you can enjoy with all of your senses.
Let us take you on a journey back to nature, a journey you can relive every time you prepare and drink a MOLY herbal tea!

Touch •

Our greatest achievement is the one tangible truth that we provide through our products, a "touch" of nature, appearing right in front of us, in our cup.
The stem of the mountain tea plant replaces the classic string and holds the herbs in the sachet together, providing us with the opportunity to get in touch with nature as we take a sip of MOLY.


As the water hits the cup, all aromas are released, taking us on journey back to nature. 

Its is our chance for our own escape back to nature, anytime we want!

Care for a cup of nature?


MOLY herbal mixtures - prepared by our team - remind us of familiar flavors:  an unforgettable journey of flavors, a dive into Nature.
The carefully selected mixture of herbs enables you to drink your favorite MOLY herbal tea, without adding anything.

MOLY’s herbal teas are filled with natural flavors. There is no need to add any type of sweeteners, which may cover the special flavors especially prepared for our customers.

Taste it for yourself!


The "journey" continues as the sound of hot water reaches our herbs and blends with them.
And for those who wish to have a cold drink?

Add some ice! The sounds of the hot water trying to melt the ice, will take you on another trip back to nature.

Hot or Cold, MOLY is your herbal tea answer!


Beautiful colors appear, deriving from the mixture of dozens of different  herbs which together create a painting of nature in your cup - enough to impress even the most demanding herbal tea enthusiast.
Nature enchants us in every possible way!

Take this mythical journey into nature with MOLY. Enjoy unique benefits for you mind and body, every moment of every day.

8 original of herbs mixtures, offering beneficial properties & mythical flavors