MOLY invites nature into your cup! Stay in touch with nature! Drink MOLY!

A healthy lifestyle is on the wish list for many, in this fast-paced life we all lead.  Our daily routine can present challenges, placing wellbeing in the spotlight.

MOLY proposes a series of our ‘mythical antidotes’ - herbal infusion teas that activate all FIVE senses while you drink, helping all tea enthusiasts take a sip closer to wellbeing, closer to nature.

We at MOLY believe that our products help people reunite with nature and create a unique bond, bringing nature to their daily tea drinking routine.  
MOLY, the ‘mythical antidote’, offers EIGHT different herbal tea blends, each with its unique effects, attributes and flavors. We aim to help our customers free themselves from their own ‘Circes’ - to become one with nature and their core selves.  
Find out more about the benefits of the available herbs Here