Unique Creations with Herbs

Our herbal infusions contain blends from 34 premium quality variety  herbs. We follow an accurate recipe each time the herbs are packed in each tea bag, creating a line of 8 herbal tea products with eclectic blended flavors with unique benefits for the human body and mind to be enjoyed anytime, any day!
Each special herb mixture is placed in the tea bag and is secured together with the velvet stem of the mountain tea herb, which has come to replace the tea bag string for all MOLY teas.
In this unique way you can pour hot water in your cup and stir the tea bag by holding the mountain tea stem and let all aromas blend in, awaking all 5 senses in you. 

1. The unique 8 MOLY blends, our products!

2. Hot or Cold? Check out MOLY’s mythical

recipes, with great suggestions on how to prepare and enjoy your tea. Yes you can drink it Hot or Cold! More Here