Humans in Touch with MOLY

Staying in touch with nature may appear somewhat distant in the midst of our busy everyday lives, trying to run errands and fulfill all our daily responsibilities.  No matter what we do, we come to realize that being in touch with nature is one of the most important factors for humans’ wellbeing.  

MOLY helps fill this gap and has created a line of unique herbal teas, with the sole purpose to bring nature in your cup and help you stay in touch with nature in the midst of your daily routine.

Our Botanist Dr. Manolis Manos prepares exclusive recipes for each  herbs mixture, and places a finishing touch by attaching the stem of mountain tea to secure and hold the tea bag and its ingredients together.  The velvet stem from the mountain tea is used to replace the piece of string attached to the tea bag, and constitutes MOLY’s unique patent characteristic of all our eclectic series of products: bringing the touch of nature in your hands when preparing your chosen herbal tea.  
This unique characteristic of our line of herbal tea products awakens all 5 senses and with every sip you take, it feels like the balance of the human body and mind is restored.

You can bring nature into a cup, and revitalize and rejuvenate the human body any time within your day.

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