Ways to order

  • Purchase Process

Α. Product Availability

All our products are mostly fresh-made products, and the availability is from 1 to 4 working days. Our Company reserves the right to inform customers in case of late (after the submission of an order by the customer) of some kind of unavailability, for the possible delivery time. In this case, if the delay is deemed to make the transaction unprofitable for the customer, the customer is entitled to unilaterally cancel the order with a written statement (by e-mail) which is made free of charge to the customer.

If the non-availability concerns only part of the ordered items of an order, the rest of the order is normally executed unless the items in the order are relevant, will be used as a whole and have a follow-up character with each other and the customer states that Partial fulfillment of the order does not serve its needs or interests, so our Company must cancel the entire order.

Also, the possible various product offers will appear in the online store (with the indications "Offer", "Web opportunity", "Discount" or similar expressions), always valid until such stocks are exhausted. Prices and products bearing the mark Offer or are offered for a limited period of time are valid until stocks are exhausted and each customer can purchase a single item. For these items, a strict order of time is strictly observed in the execution of orders.

Β. Submission of Order

The user of the online store, if he wishes to place an order, can first follow the user registration process in the online store described below (download username and password), so that he can then be recognized and identified by the store, for security reasons of his transactions in future. To place an order, it is possible to submit through the special form to the online store ("order basket") the order in which it receives the products and services it wishes to purchase. The order is not binding on the Company before it confirms its acceptance as follows. Before submitting the order to the customer, the following are notified, as terms of sale and the customer for the transfer of his order, states previously by marking the indication "I have read and accept the Terms of Use" that explicitly received notice and accepts the following data that through the order and its special link are announced:

The characteristics / components of the goods he ordered as described in the pages of the store he visited and the results of the use of the relevant links in his online order, which he must use to check any relevant features before the order is forwarded. maintains no doubt about the characteristics and properties of the ordered products and / or services. Failure of the customer to be sufficiently informed does not in any way burden the company but is his sole responsibility.

The full name, the registered office, the postal address, the TIN, the contact numbers, the e-mail address and the registration number in the GEMI of the Company. The total price of the goods of the order, including VAT. and any other charges, such as all additional shipping, delivery or mail charges (also calculated on the body of the order) and any other costs. When these charges cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, the fact that such additional charges may be required is also notified to the ordering body and the customer must be notified before the transfer.

The listed prices of the products on the website of each product are always the final ones (ie the corresponding VAT) and are valid for sale by the online store and delivery of the products by sending to the customer. The prices on the presentation page of each product in the online store do not include the shipping costs, which are then calculated on the order page based on the relevant rules for charging the relevant capital of these terms below.

In case the shipping costs cannot be reasonably calculated in advance due to the specificity of the place of delivery, the reservation for additional shipping costs is stated in the text of the order and they are calculated and notified to the customer and his acceptance is requested, until the final acceptance of the order by our Company by telephone.

It is also specified in the text of the order that in the case of a contract of indefinite duration or a contract that includes a subscription, the total price includes the total cost per charge period and what is this period. If these contracts are charged at a fixed price, the total price also means the total monthly cost unless otherwise specified. If the total cost cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, the way in which the price is to be calculated is described.

The cost of using the medium distance communication to conclude the contract, when this is calculated on the basis of other than the basic charge invoices.
The arrangements for payment, delivery, execution, the deadline within which our Company undertakes to deliver the goods and, where applicable, the policy pursued by our Company to deal with complaints, the conditions, the exceptions, the deadline and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal.

That the customer will be charged with the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal.
That in case the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal after he has made use of the benefit, he will have to pay a reasonable cost to our Company.
When the right of withdrawal is not provided on the basis of the Law, the information that the consumer will not have the right to withdraw or, as the case may be, the circumstances under which the consumer loses the right of withdrawal.

Reminder of the seller's liability for actual defects and lack of contracted properties in accordance with Articles 534 et seq. Of the Civil Code, where a contracted capacity is understood only if it has been documented in writing.

Where applicable, the existence and terms of application of customer support services after the sale, after-sales service and commercial guarantees.
Where applicable, the need for frequent maintenance of goods or the existence of high-cost spare parts in relation to the price of goods at the time of order submission.
The existence of any codes of conduct or reliability signals and how to obtain knowledge of their content, as the case may be.

The duration of the contract, where it applies, or, if the contract is indefinite or automatically extended, the conditions for termination of the contract.
Where applicable, the minimum duration of the consumer's obligations under the contract.
Where applicable, the existence and conditions of deposit of money or other financial guarantees (such as advance payment of part of the price, etc.) that must be paid or provided by the consumer whenever requested by the supplier.

Where applicable, the digital content features, along with the applicable technical protection measures.
Where applicable, any standard digital interoperability with hardware and software of which the Company is knowledgeable or reasonably expected to be knowledgeable.

Where applicable, the possibility of electronic dispute resolution, as well as the possibility of appealing to an out-of-court mechanism for complaints and repairs to which the Company is subject, as well as the ways of access to it.
The obligation to pay with the submission of the order if there is such an obligation with the activation of a selection icon with legible marking that states an order with a payment obligation.
Whether there are restrictions on delivery and which means of payment are acceptable.
Where applicable, the purpose of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients of the customer's personal data, as well as the existence of the right of access and opposition.

C. Confirmation of receipt of order

Each order of the user / customer is always followed by an automated e-mail message, within a few hours, on behalf of our Company, which includes the confirmation of receipt of the order and repeats its content. This e-mail from the company only confirms that the order has been received with the content mentioned and in no way constitutes acceptance of the order or agreement of terms of sale.

No modification of the order or new agreement on it will be accepted unless it is recorded in writing and accepted by both parties. Confirmation of the receipt of the order can be done by phone, if the customer agrees and in case some item is not immediately available so an agreement on the delivery time is required.

D. Acceptance of order-training of sale

After receiving the order and the above confirmation of its receipt, if our Company finds the availability of the item and the correctness of the order and the absence of any errors in the online store regarding the pricing of items, their features, etc. . with new e-mail will confirm the acceptance of the order, its content, the preparation of the sale and the expected delivery time of the item as announced before the order was submitted, so only then the sale is considered qualified and generates claims on both sides.

If the issue of acceptance by the customer of additional shipping costs is pending, this is always agreed before the final approval of the order by our Company by telephone contact with the customer. Our Company is not obliged under any circumstances, based on the principle of good faith and trading habits, to accept an order and conclude the sale of products that appear in the online store, due to typographical or computer error, with an incorrect price different from the current one. based on its pricing policy for that period.

If in order such an error in the price is found in part only of the ordered items, then the order is normally valid only for the other items and is considered not made for the items in which an error was found, unless the items in the order are relevant. , will be used as a whole and have a follow-up character with each other and the customer states that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve his needs or interests, so our Company must cancel the entire order. No additional charge for the order is borne by the customer without his express consent.

The sending of the order for approval to our Company is a statement of acceptance and consent for all charges charged in the order. If there is no consent, the customer is entitled to a refund of this payment. Also, in case of sending non-ordered products or services, their rejection or failure to return them and the customer's indifference is not interpreted in any case as consent, acceptance or declaration of will to purchase them.

In case he is asked to return by the Company and he is late to deliver the items for return for more than two (2) working days then his refusal is a declaration of will to buy the items and the items are considered sold to the customer and he must to pay their value in cash.

The customer also has the opportunity to be informed about the progress of the order, either by phone (tel: 2421301495), or by sending an e-mail (e-mail to the email address: [email protected]).

Ε. Cancellation of an order by the customer due to remorse

The cancellation of the order by the customer due to change is accepted only if the item has not yet been invoiced and given for shipment by our Company. The cancellation is done by sending an e-mail to our Company on behalf of the customer.

The customer must state the exact details of his order. The cancellation does not occur unless a relevant confirmation is sent by our Company by e-mail to the customer. In case the customer before his declaration of cancellation has paid the value of his approved order and our Company has already received it, then this must within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return to the customer the value collected with in the same way that he hastened its payment (by counting the amount in a bank account, by paying cash, etc.).

Otherwise, in case the customer has paid a payment order but the money has not been collected by our Company (such as in the case of a credit card payment order when the Bank has not yet paid the price to our Company), then this is required within the period of fourteen (14) working days to expedite any necessary action and statement to each competent body (Bank, etc.) to notify the cancellation of the order and the obligation to return any amount charged to the customer. In this case, our Company is considered to have legally fulfilled its obligations, and the cancellation of each charge will be based on the terms of the contract that connects the customer with this third party (Bank, etc.) and our Company does not bear any responsibility. on the time of refund or refund of any relevant charges.