1. Which is the most appropriate way to prepare the beverage?

The ideal way to prepare your drink is using the method of infusion. Place In a big cup or mug a tea bag which you have chosen based on its effect and/or taste.  Afterwards, add a lot of water (from 90 °C and above) in order for the tea to release both its aromas and beneficial properties.  Wait FOUR minutes. This is enough for you to be able to enjoy a perfect MOLY each time. However, you can leave it for as long as you wish - there is no chance it will taste bitter. When it comes to reusing the same bag twice, it’s exclusively up to you.

2. Is it okay to cold-brew Moly herbal tea?

This is the ideal solution for the hot months of the year. Or you simply want to prepare it as a cold drink.  There are TWO possible ways to prepare a cold Moly. Start by using the same process as for the hot beverage and continue by cooling your drink down with ice cubes or by putting it in the refrigerator after the temperature has dropped.  The othe way is the cold brew method. This is our thing. Place the tea bag in a mug with water at room temparature. Put it in the fridge for 10-12 hours. One way to do this is to leave it in the fridge overnight right before bedtime so that you can enjoy it in the morning.

3. What is the leftover tea in my cup?

These are the leftovers (or dregs) that the filter failed to hold. You can consume them without hesitation

4. Are the herbs used organic?

Yes, of course they are! Our products are 100% organic, since the herbs used in the production of the mixtures come exclusively from certified organic plants. 

5. Where are MOLY herbal infusion drinks produced? 

Our products are hand-produced with tender loving care in Almyros in the Thessaly region of Greece. From herb selection to product packaging, the tea-making procedure (always made by hand), takes place in a specifically designed and fitted workspace.

6. Why I am not able to see the product through the package?

The choice of this specific packaging was made in order to ensure that our product meets specified requirements (quality assurance).

Sun exposure causes the tea (herbs in dried form) to degrade in quality. This packaging prevents the mixtures from being destroyed and preserves their very high quality.

7. How should MOLY products be stored, and for how long, following purchase?

Ideally, the product should be stored in a cool, dry place with dim lighting. Herbs have no expiry date! However, some of their features, like their flavour and aroma, do fade with time. This is why we recommend their consumption before the date indicated on the package

8. Do you cooperate with hotels/restaurants/cafes?

Through our collaborations we have participated in numerous interesting ideas and proposals that include MOLY. If you are interested in collaborating with us and including our products in your catalogs do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Find out more on our website in the section marked “wholesale”

9. Are MOLY teas considered to be a pharmaceutical drug or medicine?

Under no circumstances should you ever consider Moly herbal infusion drinks some kind of drug treatment that prevents or heals diseases or sickness. Nonetheless, the herbs chosen have been in use globally in herbal medicine for many thousands of years to maintain health and wellness. The effect of the product varies from individuals to individual, depending on dosage, age, weight and health. Thus, we suggest that you take the advice of a specialist before using the mixtures for treatment or therapy.

10. Does MOLY contain any additives, preservatives and colorings?

Our tea is free of non-natural substances. This is what makes it unique and absolutely natural.

11. Does MOLY contain caffeine?

None of the herbs used in our mixture contain caffeine.

12. Can MOLY be consumed by vulnerable groups (e.g. children, pregnant women etc)?

If you belong to a vulnerable group, please get health advice on possible side effects before consuming the product. PLEASE NOTE: At Moly, we select our 34 herbs with the following basic principle: we do not want our herbs to be labeled as food supplements or medicine. We do want possible side effects. We avoid using certain herbs in order to protect the health of our customers, to steer clear of unwanted reactions. This is why MOLY products do not contain balsam, echinacea, thistle, rhodiola etc.

13. In what form are the herbs found in each tea bag?

We have chosen this particular particle size distribution of the product so that the herbal contents of each sachet, in the same given time, give maximum flavor, aroma and action. In each sachet or bag, the herbs that are woody stems in their original condition are powdered into small grain or powder form so that they release their active substances during the same time period as the herbs that are in loose tea leaf or blossom form.