In Greek Mythology, MOLY was the mythical  herb
in Odyssey story which Hermes gave to Odysseus
to protect and rescue him from Circe's wizardry
and enable him to return to Ithaca.

We chose this name “MOLY” because it represents our company’s core philosophy.  We prepare and offer herbal teas with expertise, and with love for the human mind and body, helping you escape all modern ‘Circes’ that may trouble you. Our aim is to help you reconnect with nature’s healing benefits that are generously offered by MOLY herbs, the modern “mythical antidote” !

The Company

MOLY” was founded in 2017.  Love for nature was the primary influence and motivation for Christodoulos Vilaras, a former bank employee, to create the “MOLY” company - motivated by his family traditions, his studies in the Humanities and his experiences close to nature, on Mt. Pelion, in Thessaly and the Peloponnese.

Since March 2018 the company has been preparing its organic products, made with love for humankind and our close contact with Mother Nature.  MOLY products can be found and enjoyed both in Greece and in a growing number of locations worldwide.

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Our partners in France, the USA, Germany, Austria and other countries have chosen the products of "MOLY The Mythic Antidote" because they aim to offer an exquisite Greek product to their customers!

In Greece, MOLY became a well-trusted, reliable supplier for the Tourism Industry right from the start.  Pioneers in their field, we at MOLY choose to offer our handmade  herbal creations to thousands of customers, who consider MOLY a worthy representative of domestic local products.

After the quality and uniqueness test was successful in the domestic market, MOLY product line was made available at delis, and exclusive cafes as well as other Ho.Re.Ca. (Supply and Equipment of Hotels and Foodservice stores), which offer premium selected products to their customers.

Our Mission

MOLY’s main purpose is to offer a variety of unique herbal blends and flavors to all herbal tea enthusiasts, integrating its multiple benefits into your daily life. 

MOLY aims to lead you on a unique journey towards wellbeing, reconnecting you with nature as you enjoy the unique nature of our products.

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From time to time people's nutritional habits change. When you are in tune with your needs you search out all possible necessary tastes to fulfill each arising need.  
MOLY becomes a companion on this quest for suitable flavors and is ready to offer each life journeyer the taste of flavors they are looking for - every moment of every day.

Daily inspiration for MOLY’s herbal tea creations and further product development comes from MOLY’s creators, from our partners and from the constant feedback we receive from our customers, who share their needs and desires for existing and new flavors.

Our goal is to continue to develop. To improve our product line in order to satisfy our customers’ requested flavors and tastes - for a touch of, better, a sip of nature, all through the year.

Our People

At the helm of the company is Christodoulos Vilaras, the founder of "MOLY" -nature lover, former bank employee and a Doctor of Theology. Gratitude to his parents, and love for his children, played a major role in the creation and development of "MOLY".

Our botanist, Dr. Emmanuel Manos creates special  herbal mixtures, taylor-made recipes, prepared exclusively for the MOLY product line.  Dr. Emmanuel Manos has studied Herbal Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland BSc (Honors) Herbal Medicine.

We are truly grateful to our collaborators: our graphic designer Alexandra Kokkevi for her magnificent artwork, the packaging experts and our scientific collaborators!
Thanks to our friends who shared with us their knowledge in the field of cultivation, processing, safety and supply, we learned to generously share our knowledge with our customers through the products we offer:

MOLY, containing beneficial herbal elements, filled with love for humans and nature, all smoothly blended into a cup

MOLY: An Elixir of Life.

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Our Philosophy

The unsurpassed beauty of nature, with its variety both in its fauna and in flora, inspires us with Its incredible and endless diversity.

Humans, with their ideas and dreams, can amplify this beauty.

Humans have always had desires, felt grateful, and lived through struggles.  We live with thoughts of both the past and the future, but always present in time and place, always surrounded by nature, our true home.

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Nature is often in danger but always manages to balance, evolve, teach and offer its bounty to humans, who enjoy nature’s gifts and feel nature’s concerns.

Modern everyday life is fast-paced. People try to cope with multiple demands; they overcome difficulties, their goal being to keep evolving.  We often turn to Nature, our companion on earth, and collaborate with her in order to explore and find solutions that bring balance to our daily lives.

In MOLY everyone can find a ‘partner’.
MOLY, the modern mythical antidote, is able to rid you of toxins that may stress your body and mind.  
MOLY accompanies you any time of the day, each cup containing unique herbs filled with healt, rejuvenation and wellness.;

MOLY Patent Innovation: More about the MOLY Philosophy & Product Characteristics including activating all FIVE senses.

Our idea was to bring people closer to nature and nature closer to people!
How did we manage to make this work?
By creating a herbal tea product line, which can be enjoyed with all of your FIVE senses.

MOLY Characteristics

About MOLY

This is the space where we communicate MOLY’s unique philosophy with all herbal tea enthusiasts. It's about bringing nature into our daily life ... in a cup.

We share our dream to improve your quality of life. We help you reconnect with nature by creating and offering organic products for your enjoyment.

You will find that our philosophy and products are very unique and well worth your time, effort and enjoyment.

Whether you are a retail customer, in business, or just a herbal tea lover, we thank you for opting to try out the premium herbal tea blends created and offered by MOLY.

Thank you for visiting us. We wish you a pleasant journey on MOLY’s herbal tea taste way!
Enjoy every sip on your yourney to your own personal Ithaca!

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From the bottom of our hearts to yours

Η παρούσα ενότητα που ονομάζεται «MΩLY» έχει ως σκοπό να σας δώσει τη δυνατότητα να μας γνωρίσετε καλύτερα. Γι’ αυτό παραθέτουμε μέρος της σκέψης που «γέννησε» τα MΩLY.

«Τα MΩLY έπρεπε να είναι ένα προϊόν στο οποίο θα αποτυπώνεται η αγάπη μου για τη φύση, η οποία έχει τις ρίζες της στη νεαρή μου ηλικία. Προκύπτει από τη συνήθεια του πατέρα μου να ετοιμάζει βοτανικά αφεψήματα, με βότανα από όρη της περιοχής(Πήλιο, Όθρυς, Όλυμπος).»

«Πιστεύω πως ένα αφέψημα βοτάνων αποτελεί ευχάριστη ανάμνηση πολλών. Η αναβίωση της για να επιτευχθεί, εκτός από γνώριμες γεύσεις και αρώματα, απαιτούσε με κάποιον τρόπο το άγγιγμα των βοτάνων!»

«Η σκέψη μου αυτή με το άγγιγμα πραγματοποιήθηκε χάρη στο βελούδινο βλαστό από το Τσάι του Βουνού, ίσως το κυρίαρχο βότανο στις παιδικές μου αναμνήσεις! Για να μην μείνουμε όμως στις αναμνήσεις, με την προσθήκη 34 πολύτιμων βοτάνων που οι επιστημονικοί συνεργάτες πρόσθεσαν, προχωρήσαμε σε νέες κορυφές.»