In antiquity the chief, perhaps the only, means of fighting illnesses were herbal remedies. There were three main schools of traditional (herbal) medicine: Ayurveda, on the Indian subcontinent, traditional Chinese medicine and the herbal medicine of the western world. Over the centuries a huge number of plants and other raw materials, sourced from nature, were tried out.

Their actions on the human body were recorded, both in texts (the written word) and, often, in pictures and paintings. Today, all three of these forms of traditional medicine are being taught, in a number of countries and even at university level.

Today knowledge of herbal remedies and their effects is widely and immediately available, due not only to a plethora of books on the market but also to the Internet. It does not follow, however, that this knowledge is always either correct or well informed; the crucial factor is reliable sourcing of information. Briefly, every herb has one or more primary action, together with one or more secondary ones. Some herbs function better when combined with certain others. There are also certain herbs that have opposing or counter actions with certain other herbs. Thus, if all the necessary facts are not taken into consideration, the desired result will not be achieved.

We hear and about and read about anthocyanins, essential oils, adaptogens, flavonoids, anti-oxidants, tannins etc. What, in fact, are all these things? They are elements of plants known as ‘secondary metabolites’ and it has been proved that they provide the plant with a form of defense. As far as humans are concerned, it is also well established that they facilitate the smooth functioning of the various systems within the body.

We at Moly Herbal  have succeeded in creating the most appropriate combinations, from amongst the most popular categories of herbal teas worldwide. In the descriptions of each herbal tea, in the pages relating to our products, you can find the rationale behind the creation of each blend, together with its benefits to the body. Herbs that take the form of root or bark have been included in powder form, so as to preserve the greatest possible amount of their active ingredient in the tea.

Our teas are prepared using the extraction method, which is also the easiest and quickest form of herbal preparation for the consumer. All that you, the consumer, need to do is boil some water, fill your cup or mug of choice, plunge the bag in for 5 to 10 minutes (according to how strong you wish the tea to be) and . . . SIT BACK AND ENJOY IT! And here’s a little secret to let you in on: the more you stir your tea, the stronger the flavor and, as a result, the stronger the tea’s action!

Adaptogenic Herbs

The so-called ‘adaptogenic herbs’ are herbs which promote equilibrium; in other words, they help the body to adapt to both external and internal factors that create a lack of equilibrium, or balance, in the body. They can adapt their activity in accordance with the body’s requirements, offering what is required at the specific moment the body needs it.

Adaptogenic herb’, as a term, is relatively recent in medical terminology; it was introduced by the Russian toxicologist Dr Nikolay Vasilievich Lazarev, whose research led him to conclude that these herbs considerably reduce both physical and mental exhaustion, strengthening the immune system and the body’s resistance to a range of environmental, chemical and biochemical factors. It should be stressed that adaptogenic herbs improve all body functions without adding extra strain on any. In short, they help us adapt to stress!

  • All information about the therapeutic uses of herbs is written by the Herbalist Doctor Manolis Manos, a graduate of Botanic Medicine in Edinburgh in Scotland [BSc(Honors) in Herbal Medicine].
  • Caution: Herbal teas cannot replace any medications prescribed by your doctor and are not intended to prevent any disease or condition. Moly herbal tea blends are created based on certified facts as individually stated and according to their traditional use. The quantity of herbs is in such a proportion that they can be consumed safely without causing any side-effects and without replacing any prescribed medicine.
  • For further information or questions, please contact us.

fliskouni].jpgPennyroyal , rich in phenols and flavanoids , offers the body antioxidant and mild protective action against a number of invaders: some specific microbes, funghi and certain viruses. At the same time, during an inflammation, it offers mild anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action is used, traditionally, against fevers.


Mongolian milkvetch has adaptogenic action on the immune system, strengthening the system’s defences against common colds and viruses. Beneficial especially to systems affected by chronic virus-related inflammation and in which the immune system is low.


The Reishi (or Lingzhi) mushroom also has adaptogenic action on the immune system. It particularly helps in balancing a system with a weak immune system. Reishi has powerful anti-inflammatory and and anti-microbial action and is especially useful when there is infammation of the respiritory tract. Finally, it helps boost the immune system and lower physical stress factors.

iviskos.jpgRoselle flowers offer Vitamin C in high concentration, as well as a number of antioxidants and flavonoids, which all help boost the immune system. It is also used as a flavour booster.

sxisandra.jpgThe adaptogenic action of Schisandra berries reduces stress experienced by the body and caused by various external stimuli. At the same time, magnolia berries regulate the amount of acid that the stomach secretes and they are able to regulate the amount of gall that needs to be secreted in order to digest fatty foods. Finally, they are active in protecting the liver.


Fennel seeds originate from an ancient and noble, valuable and prized herb, known for millenia as an excellent digestive. Very helpful in cases of indigestion and gastric disturbances, such as sea-sickness, tendency to vomit, stomach swellings and colics.


Ginger has been selected for its antispasmodic action: it especially favors conditions such as indigestion and gastric disturbances, declaring in symptoms like sea-sickness, the need to vomit, stomach swellings and colics. As with fennel seeds, it is a stimulant to digestion.


Liquorice has been selected for its flavour-boosting properties, but also for its beneficial effects on the gastric and bowel systems – in cases of gastric and intestinal ulcers and of gastric and oesophagal retrogression.


Flowers of chamomile are beneficial in a wide range of gastro-intestinal issues. Chamomile has very effective spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action. It is one of the principal herbs which benefit the ‘irritable bowel’. It also contributes to calmness, since it soothes the anxiety which often accompanies stomach swellings, bloating etc.


Dittany of Crete has been known since antiquity as being easy on the stomach and soothing for intestinal and stomach pains. Its anti-microbial action helps lower the microbe population, while its styptic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic action reduces inflammation and spasms in the gastro-intestinal system.

xaroupi.jpgCarob-bean has been included in the mixture chiefly as a flavor-booster. Nevertheless, it is also well-known for its action in fighting diarrhoea and vomiting. Since antiquity, it has been used against colics, even in infants.


Ginkgo leaves increase cognitive function as well as aiding memory function. In addition, they increase blood circulation and help oxygenate the brain, bringing alertness and the ability to concentrate, besides their stress-reducing activities. Finally, they boost peripheral vascular circulation, which helps give that added boost to physical activities.

ganoderma.jpgThe Reishi (or Lingzhi) Mushroom is well-known in the Far East as an ‘elixir of life’ and for centuries has been in use there as an energy booster. It has many beneficial uses. In our recipe it has been selected as an adaptogen. It offers protection to the nervous system and specifically helps to activate the ‘NG’ factor, in this way protecting the nerve cells of the brain. It also assists as an immune system booster and reduces stress factors.


Cardamon seeds have been well-known since antiquity for their tonic factor. They provide energy by mildly boosting the circulation, reducing stress and the frequency of muscle cramps. They have a very mild stress-reducing action.


Schisandra berries are well-known for their adaptogenic action in boosting natural resistance and providing energy. They lower stress arising from external stumulants, enhance gall bladder and liver functions and are especially helpful in restoring the liver after long-term therapies. They also boost metabolism.

galio.jpgCleavers is a mild diuretic which helps the body to detox during urination while, at the same time, offering emollient action to the urinary system. It also helps with fluid retention.


Ceylon cinnnamon, the well-known digestive, is especially helpful in cases of indigestion and gastrointestinal spasms. Is is also beneficial in cases of dizziness and seasickness. It has been chosen partly as a flavour enhancener, while a small quantity of Cassia cinnamon has been added, as a supplement, for enhanced aroma.

louiza.jpgLemon verbana is known for its stress-reducing properties. As such, it helps fight stress while, at the same time, offering mild diuretic action and relief from gastrointestinal bloating. It thus aids fluid retention and weight loss. Many of its essential oils provide fat-dissolving action.

lemon.jpgDried lemon, which is rich in fat-disslovig properties, has been added to boost the flavour of the mixture and offer a mild acidity that fits in well with the other ingredients. It is, of course, rich in Vitamin C.

stelaria.jpgStellaria is one of the multinutritional herbs, containing a variety of useful nutrients for our organism. It was added to our detox mix in order to tone the cleansing of the elimination organs in our body. It has a well known action in aiding several skin disorders or symptoms, that may be present due to the reduced function of the elimination organs. In small quantities it also benefits digestion.


The adaptogenic action of Schisandra berries in the mixture helps reduce negative effects of stress both to the gastrointestinal and to the nervous systems, as well as strengthening physical and mental endurance. They also help in waste discharge, with particular action on the liver and the small and large intestine.

stevia.jpgStevia has been added in order to balance the bitter taste of some of the herbs in this mixture.

aspro_movro.jpgWhite mulberry is rich in a specific phenol that is also found in red wine and acts to protect the cardiovascular system, as a rich antioxidant.

moko.jpgThe Maca bulb (or root) increases libido, endurance and performance in both sexes, without having any negative effect on circulation, as other well-known substances do. Similar to Serenoa, it positively affects sperm production in males.

diosmos.jpgSpearmint is both a flavour enhancer and – in a tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians - a mild aphrodysiac, boosting libido, presumably as a mild peripheral vascular booster but without such side-effects as high blood pressure.

tsouknida.jpgNettle root is rich in lignans . It affects the reproductive organs and also proteins SHBG, and is equally useful to both sexes. This is due to the fact that it influences not only the androgens but also the estrogens. At the same time it is useful in combatting mild inflammations in the urinary system and in the prostate.

gouithania.jpgWithania, or Indian ginseng ‘s adaptogenic action on the nervous system reduces the negative stimuli of stress on the body. At the same time, it boosts both physical and mental endurance and energy. Indian ginseng is one of the herbs recommended for a weakened body defence system, whether due to illness or following mental or physical exertion.

pasiflora.jpgThe calming and stress-reducing action of Passion flower helps the body to relax. It is especially effective, in combination with Virginian skullcap, in cases where anxiety is connected with nervous disorders (headaches, stress,
migraines and other such pains).


Lavender has a stress-reducing action, as well as being a tonic to the nervous system and, as such, positively influences mood and calms negative emotions. It is one of the most suitable plants for anxiety and as a mild sedative, suitable even for infants!


The purely hypnotic action of hops rests the mind, as well as the body, in combination with the lavender and passionflower. It helps bring on deep sleep, which gives us the sense of real relaxation. At the same time it helps fight anxiety and situations relating to nervous insomnia.

skoutellaria.jpgVirginian skullcap , from the American continent, is one of the most effective stress-reducing plants. It is well-known for its use in cases of intense worry, anxiety and absent-mindedness associated with mental exhaustion. In the UK, doctors of herbal medicine characterise it as the herb most suitable for the ‘racing mind’.

rodo.jpgThe Damask rose is one of the oldest varieties of aromatic rose. Both taste and aroma are added to our tea from these buds benefitting, in particular, anyone weighed down by stress. Also known for its action in cases of panic attacks.


Lemon balm has a mildly invigorating action on the nervous system, boosting the body exhausted by stress and worries.It is one of the most appropriate stress-reducers in cases of low spirits associated with lack of rest or even depresssion.

dendrolivano.jpgRosemary leaves increase mental alertness and memory function, and assist concentration, especially in mental activities. Rosemary has mild stress-reducing properties. As such, it keeps the body in readiness, without causing suppression. At the same time, it acts as a mild tonic to the peripheral vascular system.


Turmeric root has antioxidant action and boosts the liver function.

taraksako.jpgDandelion root helps boost the action of the gall bladder and the liver and is extremely beneficial in cases of fluid retention and constipation. It also offers the body not ungenerous amounts of potassium.