The mythical herb
that Hermes gave to Odysseus
to escape from Circe’s
spells and return to Ithaca.

The name is chosen deliberately, since we believe in liberation from all ties that bind.
The myth is timely. We believe in liberation from our contemporary ‘Circes’.

A series of 8 organic herbal blends,
with no additives, or artificial flavourings.

Pure herbs, in unique combinations, that soothe, protect, boost and
reinforce, while they take you on a journey
into a world of wonderful flavours . 



Moly teas set new standards, thanks to: 

Innovative packaging

The classic tea string has been replaced by the stem of Wort of Mt. Olympus, (the classic Greek “mountain tea”). Enjoying a tea is now a multi-sensory experience, where touch participates in the feast, as well as smell and taste, in a dazzling dance of indulgence.

Exclusive compositions

All our blends are based on especially formulated recipes
by our herbalist doctor.

Added adaptogenic herbs in every blend

Herbs with active ingredients that reinforce the body against stressful conditions.

 All Moly teas are carefully hand-chosen and prepared with accuracy and consistency

Each tea bag is prepared individually with exclusively organic, supreme quality herbs, in constantly precise proportions. We select rare herbs from around the world that are both highly effective and present no side effects.

The moly in Odyssey

Homer, The Odyssey, Book 10, lines 302-306

"ὣς ἄρα φωνήσας πόρε φάρμακον Ἀργεϊφόντης ἐκ γαίης ἐρύσας καί μοι φύσιν αὐτοῦ ἔδειξε. ῥίζῃ μὲν μέλαν ἔσκε, γάλακτι δὲ εἴκελον ἄνθος· μῶλυ δέ μιν καλέουσι θεοί, χαλεπὸν δέ τ' ὀρύσσειν ἀνδράσι γε θνητοῖσι· θεοὶ δέ τε πάντα δύνανται."

"So saying, Argeiphontes gave me the herb, drawing it from the ground, and showed me its nature. At the root it was black, but its flower was like milk. [305] Moly the gods call it, and it is hard for mortal men to dig; but with the gods all things are possible."